Make a Difference While You Grow!
Why Partner with Us and Support the Fight Against Cancer

Are you a passionate vendor looking to expand your reach,
boost sales, and contribute to a cause that truly matters?
We offer a unique opportunity that allows you to achieve all three goals simultaneously.

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Here's why partnering with us is a win-win for your business and the community

We provide a platform with extensive customer reach and powerful marketing tools to help you connect with a wider audience and grow your sales.
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Additionally, we offer a convenient merchant QR code that allows customers to easily pay for your products or services with a simple scan using their smartphones.

Benefit from our streamlined setup, low commission fees, and efficient payment processing, allowing you to keep more of your profits and offer competitive prices.

Our dedicated team provides exceptional customer support to answer your questions and help you navigate the platform, ensuring your success.
But beyond business benefits, you'll be making a real difference

Empowering Cause

We're proud to partner with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) to support lifesaving cancer patients. A portion of every sale made through our platform will be donated directly to this vital cause.

Positive Impact

By joining us, you'll be contributing to a movement dedicated to finding cures and improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

Ready to join us in this impactful journey?
Here's how to get started!
  1. Step 1

    Download Merchant Registration Form
    and fill in complete.

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    Submit Merchant Registration Form to

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    Wait for confirmation in your
    email address or phone number.